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This Orientation Hub provides an introduction to who we are, what we do and how you’ll be part of an organisation that is making a difference to the lives of others.

Across the site you will be introduced to the divisions and functions operating across BaptistCare, have the opportunity to meet key staff and discover how your role contributes to BaptistCare providing life transforming care.

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Meet Our CEO, Ross Low

Who Are We

BaptistCare is a Not-For-Profit Christian Organisation.
Did you know BaptistCare has:


and Programs



Meet Our Executive

Chief Executive Officer
Ross spent 35 years working for multinational organisations Unilever and Schering-Plough, before joining BaptistCare in 2004. He has been CEO since 2010.
Ross is actively involved in life outside BaptistCare with wife Anne, five adult children and six grandchildren. He worships at Epping Baptist Church and is a very avid rugby union follower.

Then & Now

BaptistCare has been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for more than 70 years.
Here are just some of the highlights from our journey.

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Our Purpose

Transforming Lives by Expressing the Love of Christ

Our Values

We believe each person is unique, loved by God, and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion. By respecting this individuality, we create strong and caring communities that value personal wellbeing - and each other. When this respect is shared, it has the potential to transform lives. We value this respect in our clients, colleagues and our wider network and this is what we practise every day.

Our Promise

Each and every day BaptistCare makes a bold promise to our clients, that we will provide ‘Care You Can Trust’. This is our commitment as an organisation. Our energies are dedicated to these five strategic areas.

How Can You Do This?


By your attitude to people:

And how you act:

At BaptistCare, our employees are our most important resource. We strive to provide you with a working environment and culture that supports you as you make a difference to the lives of others. We believe BaptistCare is a great place to work and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Want to know why BaptistCare staff are so thankful?
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Residential Services

Meet Dee
  • Caring for seniors is a huge part of what we do at BaptistCare. Our residential aged care facilities provide the highest quality aged care within warm and friendly communities. All of our facilities support a broad range of care needs to suit each of our clients: from those who are still fairly independent, to those with complex needs such as people living with dementia, right through to end of life care. We are privileged that families trust us to care for and keep their loved ones safe.

  • Fast Facts
    • Residential Aged Care Facilities in around 20 locations
    • More than 2000 staff
    • More than 1700 residents
    • More than 400 Dementia Specific Unit (DSU) beds
  • Meet Dee

    Dee Sookaloo is a Residential Services Care Team Manager. See how Dee provides care you can trust everyday.

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Home Services

Meet Sharon
  • Understanding our client’s individual needs and lifestyles is at the heart of the care and services we provide to seniors who are living in their own homes. BaptistCare’s YouChoose product enables our clients to tailor our care services to suit their own needs. Whether they require daily care services, short-term care, some additional top-up care, or even a one-off service, our clients can choose as little or as much care as they like.

  • Fast Facts
    • More than 13,000 clients receiving care in their own home
    • More than one million hours of service delivered annually
    • More than 1000 staff
    • At least 9 Social Clubs offering respite for carers
  • Meet Sharon

    Sharon Reddy is a Home Services Care Facilitator. Discover what Sharon loves most about her job.

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Retirement Living

Meet Penny
  • At BaptistCare, retirement living is not just about offering our residents accommodation, but providing them with the things they really value, like friendships, independence and security. It’s what we call Community Living. As Australia’s population ages, our Community Living model encourages social engagement and recognises the emerging needs and expectations of a new generation of retirees.

  • Fast Facts
    • More than 560 residents
    • Residents ranging in age from 47 to 103
    • Almost 50 staff
    • Over the next 10 years, the number of people living in retirement villages across Australia is expected to double.
  • Meet Penny

    Penny Edwards manages Kellyville’s multi-award winning community, The Gracewood. Listen as she reveals the secrets to BaptistCare’s success.

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Community Housing

Meet Jenny
  • There are many communities where people are experiencing severe disadvantage including those who are homeless, dependent on pensions and benefits, sole parents and women escaping domestic violence. BaptistCare is committed to providing social and community housing for two target groups: the elderly who are at risk of homelessness, and women and children escaping domestic violence.

  • Fast Facts
    • Almost 200 community housing units across 7 locations
    • By 2019, our goal is to provide 500 dwellings to key target groups
    • More than 220,000 people are on the social housing waiting list
    • More than 100 people in need entered BaptistCare crisis housing in 2015 – 70% of these were children
  • Meet Jenny

    Jenny King is the Manager, Clinton Place Community Housing, Goulburn. See how Jenny makes a genuine difference in the lives of others.

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Community Services

Meet Scott
  • BaptistCare reaches out to those who are living on the margins. They are without safety, shelter, food and hope. We help our clients overcome great personal trials such as relationship breakdown, domestic violence, and homelessness. We provide an environment, where the message of All Individual, All Connected, All Respected is critical in empowering our clients through the practical care and support we provide as well as through the friendships they build with others.

  • Fast Facts
    • Relationship Services – We provide counselling in 3 locations
    • Community Centres –These caring hubs operate in more than 10 locations
    • Food Support – Low-cost groceries, crisis food packs and sit-down meals are provided at 7 centres
    • Microfinance Loans – No Interest Loans (NILS) and low interest loans (StepUp Loans) are provided in 15 locations
    • Chaplaincy - Our Chaplains provide a listening ear and compassionate presence for staff and clients
  • Meet Scott

    Scott Pilgrim is the North West Group Operations Manager, Community Services. Hear about the life transforming care his team deliver daily.

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Support Services

Meet Amar
  • BaptistCare's Support Services office is based in Baulkham Hills, NSW and is home to the following staff:

    • Executive: CEO, Company Secretary, Marketing & Communications, Senior Chaplain, Major Projects
    • People & Strategy: Human Resources, Strategy, Learning & Development, WHS
    • Corporate: IT, Finance, Payroll, Property
    • Care Development Units: Residential and Home Services
  • Supporting BaptistCare's frontline staff to care for people requires creativity, co-operation, and commitment to continuous improvement from our support services.

  • Meet Amar

    Amar Gohel is a Communications Engineer. Uncover his tips for new BaptistCare employees.

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Meet our Volunteers

BaptistCare is fortunate to have over 1000 people who give their time to serve as volunteers alongside more than 4000 staff. Our volunteers bring a diverse range of skills and experience to complement the teams they work within. Many come just willing to assist in whatever way they are required - from bus drivers and shopping assistants to musicians, gardening partners and cooks.